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Team Tinkerers, comprised of Dhruv Dabur, Ankur Rai, and Piyush Tiwari, and supported by Chinmaya Kumar Raul from Saraf Public School in Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, participated in the ATL Marathon to overcome the daily challenges they faced in their school life. Utilizing their knowledge and experience gained from the ATL, the team decided to use Artificial Intelligence to solve these problems. The team believes that their innovative solution can have a significant social impact, potentially improving the lives of millions or even billions of people, as the issues they targeted are common in all schools, whether private or government-run. By delegating critical decisions to AI, which has a lower margin of error, this solution can help rectify the flaws in both school systems.

The team’s primary objective is to create a standard model for a “Smart” school, which can improve the quality of life in various dimensions, such as self-dependency, financial aspects, and manpower. The team’s AI system aims to cancel out noise within the school premises by issuing Smart ID Cards that can identify individuals, students, and staff members and locate the issue to report to the self-operated school functioning system. For instance, if excessive noise is created in a particular section of the school building, the AI Smart Card can help identify all the students, staff, and individuals present at the scene. Similarly, if a staff member has been neglecting their duties persistently for more than a stipulated period, a disciplinary information system can bring the issue to the school administration’s attention.

Dhruv Dabur, Ankur Rai, and Piyush Tiwari with ATL-Incharge- Chinmaya Kumar Raul

Team Tinkerers has attributed their ATL Marathon journey to immense self-growth and knowledge. They have learned valuable skills such as teamwork, research, ideation, brainstorming processes, innovation, and the necessity to go beyond the obvious while implementing solutions in an impact-driven and life-changing manner. The team socialized with people for surveys and research work and discovered ground-level problems, which they attempted to solve through their project, The Smart AI Class, with active noise cancellation. This solution aims to address problems that hinder proper school functioning, such as classroom noise, washroom cleanliness and hygiene, bullying, excessive time spent in the washroom during recess, lack of syllabus maintenance systems, and the idleness of administrative staff.

By targeting commonly accepted problems, Team Tinkerers hopes to solve issues affecting a larger mass and make a positive impact on society. The Smart AI Class is a significant step in this direction.

Saraf Public School (CBSE), Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand

TEAM NAME: Tinkerers

TEAM MEMBERS: Dhruv Dabur, Ankur Rai
and Piyush Tiwari

ATL IN-CHARGE: Priyanka Gaur


Author- Shrey Mehra

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