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Say Goodbye to back pain with this Revolutionary Chair

Have you ever experienced back pain after sitting for too long? It’s a common problem that many people face. But what if there was a way to prevent it?

A group of students named Apoorva, Daiwik, and Harshad came up with an innovative and revolutionary idea to help people avoid back pain caused by poor sitting posture. They created a smart chair system that monitors your sitting behaviour and recommends the best sitting posture for your body type.

The team used an Artificial Neural Network classifier to identify eight common sitting postures that can lead to back pain. Then, they developed a chair that reads and interprets your posture, rating it to give you feedback on how to sit better. They even incorporated principles of acupressure to help users gain better benefits.

The chair is portable and can be customized to fit any chair shape or dimension. It’s perfect for people who sit for long hours at work or due to physical conditions.

However, creating the chair was not easy. The team had to overcome the challenge of the casing and place the sensors to ensure they were not harmful. They eventually used a dense foam block casing designed with the help of their mentor, Ms Shehnaz Khan.

The smart chair system is a great example of how innovation can address common problems. The team’s participation in the ATL Marathon 2019 encouraged them to not give up and try their best. They hope to become social entrepreneurs in the future to create solutions that benefit society.

Rainbow International School
Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Apoorva, Daiwik Kashyap and Harshad
Shehnaz Khan


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