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Smart Lock Systems for Vehicles by Students from Ahmedabad

Aditya Rajput & Vimal Maheshwari from BEST high school, Ahmedabad thought about the safety of commuters and pedestrians came with a new innovative idea by RFID and SMS based device which not only provide access to correct Driving license holder but also notify details of the vehicle via SMS.

In India, we found teenage students have started riding vehicles without getting an authorized license for driving and many time they face accident.

This two young tinkers worked on this problem and found this can be solved through technology by adding few more security levels.

After researching and working with electronics they finally ended with the very innovative idea of adding an Identification based system which checks for Driving License before starting the vehicle. So if you have key but failed to have a valid driving license you would not able to start your vehicle. Additionally, an SMS will be generated and sent to pre-saved number about the usage of the vehicle.

They build a beautiful prototype using actual part of the scooter and represented at different events and competitions.

Mentored by: Akshay Chawla

“The aim of this project is to prevent illegal driving of teenagers, and the future perspective is to make the vehicles smart Lock being controlled by fingerprint by linking Aadhaar card with the driving license of the owner.”- Aditya Rajput and Vimal Maheshwari.

They won many prize and awards also got featured in many newspapers. The project was selected in top 10 innovations got funded with Rs 50,000 by Intel at their national showcase in Delhi, to take this prototype to next level.

BEST ATL is one of the 10 ATLs across India which are powered by Intel.

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Story shared by Akshay Chawla

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