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Sapna Yogi and Khanak Lashkari, students of Subodh Public School in Jaipur, were troubled by the daily wastage of water. To address this issue, they proposed to their ATL project mentor, Dr. Manish Jain, the idea of developing a smart tap mechanism that would automatically stop the flow of water once the bucket or utensil placed under it is filled to the brim. This would prevent any water overflow and save precious water resources.

Sapna Yogi and Khanak Lashkari with ATL-Incharge- Manish Jain

The smart tap mechanism was designed using technical resources available in the ATL Labs and incorporated a flow monitoring mechanism using Arduino. When the metal plate sensor attached to the holding bucket or utensil senses moisture, the code activates the closure action and stops the flow of water at the pipe level. This innovation aligns with the sustainable development goal of “clean water and sanitation for all.”

Reflecting on their experience at the ATL Marathon, Sapna and Khanak emphasized the platform’s value in providing constructive criticism and support throughout the innovation journey. They also encouraged others to persist in pursuing their ideas until they become a minimum viable product or a marketable solution.

Smart taps and other resource-conserving innovations demonstrate the social and environmental awareness of young innovators. They have the potential to become effective social entrepreneurs, making a positive impact on their communities and the planet. As the saying goes, let us leave the world better than we found it by living a mindful and conscious life, caring for others’ dreams and passions, and creating solutions that benefit all.

Subodh Public School Jaipur, Rajasthan


TEAM MEMBERS: Sapna Yogi and Khanak Lashkari

ATL IN-CHARGE: Dr.Manish Jain


Author- Shrey Mehra

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